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Horse-drawn carriages, the “Aan,Baan & Shaan” of Mumbai!!! July 3, 2012

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Horse carriages were & are always gonna remain the “Aan,Baan & Shaan” of Mumbai…Whether it being the people of Mumbai or visitors to this wonderful city everyone at some point of time have enjoyed the horse ride on Marine drive sea face or Gateway Of India…Feeling the breeze across your face, Kids on your laps or balloons in your hand and camera flashing for photographs….Smiling away as you enjoy every bit of it!

Sounds like a bollywood scene……This was the beautiful side of the story…

but there is an EVIL-SIDE too… which we all prefer to ignore..may b because we show ourselves being too busy earning a living…. But I wanna try giving you a rough imagine…….and asking a few questions…..

Have seen a lot of horses badly tied up & then falling off ahead of the cart with all the ropes holding him & the horse floating half in the air with no way to defend itself or get up or save itself from the fall….at nariman point that site happens once in a few weeks at least.
It bring a scream out of us & When u see such things u feel such a pinch within .. that humans can harm anyone for their convenience 😦

Instead of using their own hands to work…they choose to burden an animal with a carriage & on top of it nail them with weight of 6/7  full-grown adults & then hit them to make them move or run….WOW….thats so human…..! Proud of the human race…!

I agree horse rides are a lot of fun… bt do people who own the cart or YOU, who sit on those carts even think once what is that poor animal going through 😦

The thought brought a shame to me….. And

I signed in the petition to BAN HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGES IN MUMBAI….just click the link & support it!

 Wil take only 5 minutes of your day…….can u give that much for a LIFE!



PS :::::::::::: Derby should equally be banned!!! No matter how nicely they are maintained… It’s yet cruelty & injustice towards animals…!!!

Peta India care to raise a voice????????


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