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Its Our Studio!!! July 4, 2012

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I have always fallen in love with funky products to gift or buy… because that’s something you rarely get to see and very few people have them… Either because they dunno what to buy {& end up giving standard gifts/own normal stuff} or Because they dunno where to buy it from. I guess that’s the case with all of us. Getting through the right quality products is quite a task always!

But~ A few days back Twitter made me come across a site where I found a lot of options & could buy all possible things you can’t even imagine..

20120704-130826.jpgOne click I had found the site that empowers you through their products which are oozing with creativity…

Its Our Studio was established in 2011 by Samir Virani… with one simple goal – making lives simpler with their innovative products, and to leave us all with a smile.  At Its our studio they strive to find and add a range of quality driven, innovative products. The products are sourced from across the globe, and each addition goes through a quality check and market study. Every product is unique, handpicked and therefore a design enthusiast’s delight.

They have a wide range of awesome funky products to choose from!

Itsourstudio” has in literal language taken a step to make life simpler…Products related to your Lifestyle, Outdoors, Party, Moulds, Gadgets & Accessories…It is one store for all possible products…

Here I share a screen shot of a few products from my Wish-List…. 😀


I know its difficult to believe it… But you can check it out yourself: https://itsourstudio.com

You can even follow them on twitter @itsourstudio

God Bless  🙂


PS :::::::::: Confession ::::::: With every product I came across I  believed even more with their punch line…. “See it, Love it & Want it”……And thats simply what I experienced on this site..!


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