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Want Some Yummy Dog Biscuits your Baby Is Surely Gonna Love :) May 24, 2011

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Woof Woof !!!

Before our future plans for the love of pet’s kick-off……

We have started with “Vegetarian Dogs Biscuits” ….Thats something our labrador, Bosco Shah loves ❤ & I know your pet will love them too.

They are made up with special ingredients like wheat flour + rice flour + corn + carrot + iron + iodine + vitamin mix + mineral mix + calcium + bit of salt + vanilla essence etc……. which will surely make your pet drool 😉

They are healthy, natural & very yummy for your pet’s taste buds. They can make positive contribution to improve your pets eating habits as well as health.

***For sample packets and more information: Please Contact : BHAVIK SHAH – 9819824795***


I Can Hear BOSCO Look In My Eye & Say!!! April 6, 2011

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I find BOSCO to be a very intelligent dog…He talks the most with his eyes…U ask him anything or say anything.. he understands. Go get your toy or go have food or water or call Bhavu(brother) or Khush,Karan,Pri(cousins) from the room we are going out.. U wanna go potty & he wil wag his tail & be up looking at u as if take me now..  He does it all… He says it all !!! He talks to us in everyway & understands every word we say wether we say it in Gujrati/Hindi/Marathi/English… BOSCO has the best communicative skills a dog can ever have…!

I always wonder what do PET’s think in their head when they staring at us. I can hear BOSCO look in my eye & say :-

  • I don’t want to do anything between 1:00 and 5:00 PM. Its just too hot and its exhausting. So please, just lets just all sleep. (Looking at me with raised eyebrows)
  • A nice cool area where I can just nap and not trouble you at all. I’m ready to give up the sofa, its just too hot, but then I would prefer the AC being switched on for most part of the afternoon. (Standing near the AC till I dont start it)
  • OMG why do u force me to eat. Thats not something I wish to put in my mouth right now 😦 (Looking at me when I give him a meal which he doesnt wish to eat)
  • Anything cold… Cold Milk… yummy.. I just love it… Just the right snack for noon’s…. I am even ready to have cold butter milk. (Smiling look he gives me in d noon)
  • Water bowls around the place. I promise I will try and not spill them over and sit in the water pool. Maybe you could fill one with ice so the water remains cooler for longer hours and I wont have to come disturb you for water while you are lazing around. (While waiting for me to pour water in his bowl)
  • Ice-cream– You forget your “oh-so-healthy” diet and have it .. So why cant I?? Nothing fancy, just some plain vanilla works for me. (For Bosco the look in his eyes say Chocolate pls..& we giv a look back NO!!)
  • Oh wow…! what u eating.. u better share it with me (staring at us at the dining table) U better not fool me by saying that u eating the same as me. Im NO fool 😛
  • A week back, I heard you say you were going swimming. Me too!!! I wanna do it again.I might not do a perfect stroke but you know im a natural swimmer.Chowpatty Beach is also just fine. 😉 (Nw when we dont tak him to chowpatty anymore & mak him have a bath at home)
  • I dont wanna go itching and biting & make you spent loads of money getting the ticks off me with some zillion treatments and injections. Please help me stay clean. I hate going to the VET. (Whenever his time for having a bath comes)
  • Go away with those ear/eye drops (Making the most aggressive-i-shall-bark you look)
  • Ewwww I stepped in the mud.. Please clean my Paw’s right away. Just leave watever u doing. (Bosco whenever he feels is become dirty sits in the bathroom waiting for us to clean him & wil stay their till we dont clean him)
  • Take me to crap now or else i shall blast ur ears with my barking. (Whenever its time for him to crap & we get late or distracted from time our ears blast)
  • Oh please dont keep hugging me 4ever. What if I dont find a GF or its so hot… lemme just be. (Whenever we go to give him a long hug he wil get up & move away & stare at us)
  • Stop brusting the crackers… That annoys in the ears… Oops! Under d chair now.. It seems likeeee A  WAR… lollll 😉 (Every dog feels it)
  • Oh can you stop having late nighters. You are so busy that u dont end up paying attention on me. (When we play Poker or cards, he always ends up sitting right in the middle of wherever we r playing so that he gets all the attention & we stop playing)
  • (Gets the toy to us & stares) Play with me now. You bored the hell out of me.
  • Stop clicking so many snaps of mine.. You already have 3000 pics of mine in 3yrs (Shaking his face away when we try to capture him in memories)
  • Stop making me wear HAT/GLARES/MASKS for stupid snaps.. (Giving looks when we mak him wear it)
  • Someday i’ll meet some nice girl  and then you can check with her parents.. You know.. Babies and stuff. You are the one who keeps saying, we need to get Bosco mated… (Whenever we say Bosco mate fast we want your puppies playing around us in the house)


Licks always, Bosco ❤

Yet more to come.. Shall Keep Updating It Whenever BOSCO talks agian 😉


Something You Cant Replace!!! February 6, 2011

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The only thing we can never replace is the love you get from your pets. Thats the only thing in the world that keeps you going.

Bosco has been an angel in our lives. He came in the most unexpected way & has filled our hearts with unconditional love. Now as life proceeds he is the priority in every way. He is our baby. Before our lunch we think of his lunch.We see to it whether we eat or no he gets everything before he even desires. Before sleeping we make sure he has slept & is comfortable.

That’s what pets do to us. They makes love ooze out of us.

I love talking to Bosco. I love coming home – whether after several hours or just a few minutes and having Bosco run to greet me. He smiles & dances as he wags his tail atleast a zillion of times in a minute. Jumping up & down right into my arms & rolls himself around me.

He is naughty & a brat at times. But yet we never end up getting annoyed on him. He would take my grand mom’s flip flops or hanky & run round the house with her running behind him screaming & yelling & giving us a reason to laugh like maniacs. From hancky’s to newspaper to anything that inedible is chewed up by him. He has even snatched a pizza from my granny’s plate when he was hardly a few months old.. Hehehehe.. Ya actually..he ran with it & hid himself in such a corner that no one could find him till he was done with eating the whole piece of pizza.. Hahahahah & after that he goes back to my granny looking at her as if “I want more pizza” Hahahahahah.

He loves looking out of the window & seeing the world move as well as the birds fly. When u tell him look Bosco “Kaabu”(Pigeon) he will come running from nowhere & stands at the window.

He will not even look at the normal apple’s/watermelons but he wants the best quality & imported one’s. Ya ya he has that much natak’s when it comes to eating or even wearing T-shirts. But the minute he see’s his T-shirt in our hands he will come running & dance till you dont make him wear it. When we are on the verge of falling on the bed & sleeping thats the main time when he jumps onto our place  & sleeps. But we curl up around him & go to sleep. He jumps on our new bean bag or sofa & its the cutest site ever.

With all this laughter we have seen how sad can any pet be when you are not around for hours.

When we don’t tell him you r going out… on return we get an angry Bosco sitting on his bed. Not even looking at you when you call him. No wagging his tail. Thats when u actually feel that OMG 😦 & after 5 mins of actually playing with him(with him not responding ofcourse) he is back to normal.

I can’t imagine life without him. The only soul that love you unconditionally & are grateful for every moment of your time. He has an uncanny ability to brighten the worst of days.

Loving your pet unconditionally is the only way to be.

I hate the way many people treat their pets. It’s such a shame. Hope life gives people some sense of how to treat their pets right & they really need to understand  if you cant treat them right then please don’t get pets. They need & deserve the love & if you cant give them stay away & let them be. They wil find some one  to love them right.

Pets can enhance & enrich anyone’s  life


P.S: I Love You Bosco Shah…. Be a brat always…. U r a darling that way!!!


Splash You Paws !!! September 24, 2010

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Hydro-Therapy For Dogs !!! ——-

It is the perfect activity for all dogs young or old. It consists of a tank that allows all breeds to walk or run without putting pressure on joints. The water improves circulation and encourages increased mobility in sore, stiff and arthritic joints. It will help to strengthen muscles without risking further injury. Canine hydrotherapy is extremely effective in improving muscle strength and endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, range of motion, agility and all the while enhancing the dog’s psychological well-being in addition to reducing the pain. Hydrotherapy removes the weight loading on the limb and will enable the gradual rebuilding of wasted muscle. It reduces the pain and can accelerate recovery after surgery also.

Hydrotherapy is proven to be beneficial for numerous conditions:

• Obesity and weight management
• Great for general fitness and for when normal exercise is restricted
• Good conditioning for agility, racing and working dogs
• Post operative muscle regeneration and maintenance
• Sprains and breaks
• Relief of pain, swelling, arthritis and stiffness
• Improvement of circulation and joint mobility
• Hip and elbow dysplasia
• Spinal injuries and paralysis
• Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
• Cruciate ligament problems
• And Swimming just for fun!




**(Suggested & Recommended by Dr. Kirti Doshi—– More Info Contact: Bhavik Shah – 9819824795)**


Please Do Fill In The Survey Below !!! Comment below ———–

1) Have you heard of the concept of Canine Hydro-Therapy?

2) If YES than have you tried taking your dog’s for a Hydro-therapy session? Where?

3) If it would come up in Mumbai, Would you be interested in giving it a chance for your Pooch’s?

4) Would you pay Rs. 200-400 for your Pooch’s Hydro-Therapy sessions?



Deeper Connection !!!

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1) Observe – Whenever you take your dog for a walk, or when your dog is playing with other doggies, or even when your dog is sleeping, take a few moments to simply watch his behaviors. Don’t make any judgments or assign any + or – values to what the dog is doing. (When we take a walk through a pine forest, we very rarely impose value judgments on the trees, rocks, ferns, and birds, do we?) Just observe the minutia of his everyday actions; keep things as simple as possible. Pay attention to how your dog approaches other dogs. Does he come straight toward them, or in more of an arc? What happens to his face when he smells something? What is his tail doing when he sees a squirrel, or when you call him for supper? Don’t think about what any of this means, just observe.

One value of this type of objective observation this is that our visual systems are directly-connected to the pleasure circuits in our brains . So the mere act of looking at something, anything, creates a feeling of calmness and well-being. So the more we’re able to observe without judgmental thinking, the more relaxed and contented we become.

Another nice effect is that by observing your dog’s behavior without judgment or expectation, you’ll begin to see things from his perspective. Thinking usually means we project our beliefs and value systems onto our dogs’ behavior, which prevents us from seeing them for who they really are. But seeing dogs as they are returns us to nature – to the pine forest, the desert, or the waterfall – if just for a small moment in time.


2) WonderChildhood is a time of wonder. When we were young we spent a great deal of time wondering about all kinds of things. Wonder is also a key element in science. Darwin wondered why the various types of finches on different islands in the Galapagos had beaks with different shapes, and his theory of evolution was born. Einstein sat on a moving train and wondered what it would be like to be on a train that could travel at light speed, and the theory of relativity was born.

But there’s more to wondering than the if, or how, or why of things. Just being in a state of wonder has an amazing effect on the psyche. Like observation, wonder stimulates the brain. Plus it opens up an emotional connection between you and the thing you’re wondering about, in this case, your dog. So try each day to view your dog with a childlike sense of wonder. Wondering means you don’t know anything, but that you’re open to learning something new. If Einstein had thought about it, he would’ve known that no train could possibly travel at light speed, and that would’ve been the end of that. But by wondering, he saw something in his mind that no one else could see.

What will you see, that no one else can, when you take a few moments each day to look at your dog in wonder?


3) Feel – Dogs are feeling, emotional beings. So are we. But as kids, we were forced by the rules of society, by peer pressure, by how our parents raised us, and by our own survival needs and fears, to put a lid on some of our emotions. It’s an amazing thing that just by tuning in to our dog’s emotions now, as adults, we automatically tune in to the emotions we gave up long ago in order to placate our parents and teachers, or to fit in.

So spend a little time each day trying to tune in to what your dog is feeling. Don’t think about it. Take a second or two to try and feel it; then let it go. A few moments later you may find that a childhood memory will drift to the surface, or the answer to a problem you’ve been having, perhaps related to work or family, will suddenly become clear.

A theatre professor  of mine once said that whenever we see a great play or movie, or look at a work of art, it has the capacity to change us for the better. And even though a physician or a chemist or construction worker may not feel any affinity for Hamlet’s woes, or relate to the life of a Pennsylvania deer hunter, or understand what a Mark Rothko painting “means,” each will come away a better doctor, chemist, or construction worker. True, dogs may not be Shakespeare, but in their own way, they can do that for us too. That’s because by allowing ourselves to feel what our dogs are feeling, we reawaken our ability to feel our own emotional connections, the ones we lost when we were pups.


4) Be – Some trainers say, “Be the pack leader! Be dominant!” Others say, “Be the pack parent!” or “Be positive!” I say, “Never mind all that, just be!”

What does that mean?

All evidence on how wild canine packs operate suggests that our old ideas about wolf packs having a leader (which originated with Konrad Lorenz , who later admitted that everything he ever said about dogs was wrong), aren’t true. However, in every animal group there is always one member who – to borrow from Willie Wonka – has the golden ticket. To me, the golden ticket represents an animal’s natural charisma (or animal magnetism). So others in the group follow him because of his natural gifts, not because he has to dominate them to make them “obey.”

Think about your natural gifts. What are they? Whatever they are, they’re yours and yours alone. You don’t have to try to be something you’re not.

But remember, there are two yous (at least), the authentic self, and the self that evolved as a means of fitting in, satisfying your parents’ and teachers’ wishes, etc. The authentic self is the one who’s able to observe, wonder, tune in to your dog’s (and your own) feelings, and is able to just be. The other self, frankly, thinks too much.

If you get angry or frustrated with your dog, that’s okay. Just try to own those feelings, but try not to act on them. Remember, they’re not real, they’re just signposts. So instead of acting in anger or frustration, take five slow, deep breaths – breathe in slowly, breathe out slowly – and remember that you already have your unique golden ticket: your dog’s love. Yes, the road may be rocky at times, but those rocks aren’t insurmountable obstacles, they’re just reflections of the fractured pieces of the authentic self you gave up as a child. Your dog doesn’t misbehave in order to dominate you or create obstacles; he does it because he wants to help you reconnect to who you really are.

So those are the 4 easy steps: Observe, Wonder, Feel, and Be. Just spending a few minutes each day engaged in those simple activities can bring amazing results.


You & I !!!

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Having a pet is one of the best feeling of the world. I can never 4get the day Bosco came into our lives.

We all need someone to interact with, touch someone and love someone. Of course, we may have friends or family, but there’s a deeper need to have a closer bond with someone or something else.That’s where having a pet, specifically a dog, comes into the picture.

Dogs are obviously known to be playful, lively and endearing animals. They are “Human’s best friend” for a reason. They can fill a void that people need filled. They’re easy to take care of and they can quickly become part of the family in a sense.The interesting thing about getting a dog is the unintended consequences that may arise from ownership. When it come to Bosco, The whole area in which I stay knows him wether they know me or no doesnot matter. Whenever he passes by everone is screaming his name.

Actually makes us as an owner feel like.. “OMG !!! Bosco is larger than life.. Bigger then even SRK…!!! Hehehehe 🙂

The Whole World Is Mine 🙂

When I walk down the lane or I enter my building, I am greeted not by a hi or hello, but by the question “Hows Bosco…Wats he doing…???”

Everyone is so fascinated to hear about him. They wanna know what he does. What he eats. What time does he eat. What does he play with. What are his toys… ??? And the questions go on & on….
Kids specially find an immense fascination in him.

Sharing stories of Bosco always bring a sense of joy rushing in my veins.

One can only realise after having a pet how important it is to have a dog — Till then u always end up feeling they are just dogs


Proud Owner Of Bosco Shah :)

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Early morning the first thing what we all end up doing is reading the newspaper.
But the post on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 took our breathe away. Its was by Geeta Desai.
We all were So Proud 2 see Bosco’s Pic On Mumbai Mirror Front Page.. Woooooowwww… ;D..
But the News Is No Where Connected 2 My Baby’s Behaviour lol ;P 😀
Because he believes in crazy cleanliness
This was the article : WOW Bosco on the front page 🙂

Pets will be banned on marine drive

BMC moved to take action after residents refuse to clean up pet poop. It’s ruining our Rs 26 crore beautification efforts, says civic body
Bosco Walking With Grace 🙂

Journalist Tavleen Singh, who some years ago got into demonstrative contretemps with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation when she refused to clean up after her dog, will no longer be allowed to walk her pet on Marine Drive.

Fed up with Mumbaikers’ blatant lack of civic sense and disregard for hygiene, the BMC has decided to ban walking pets on the four kilometre stretch from Land’s end to Chowpatty. India‘s most famous promenade was recently beautified by the MMRDA at a cost of Rs 26 crore.

“The ban proposal has been sanctioned by the municipal commissioner Jairaj Phatak and we will impose it after October 22 as we must wait till the election code of conduct is over,” said Sunil Dhamane, assistant municipal commissioner.

Civic officials say their repeated pleas to citizens who walk their pets on Marine Drive to ensure that they did not dirty the newly-beautified promenade have fallen on deaf ears. “The entire four kilometre stretch is littered with dog poop causing nuisance to joggers, walkers and visitors. What’s the use if even after spending all that money the promenade can’t remain beautiful?” asked an irate civic official.

In August this year BMC had through advertisements in newspapers appealed to Marine Drive residents asking them to scoop their dog’s poop. The civic body even sought public opinion on the subject of banning pets from the promenade but received only one response.

“Just one Marine Drive resident requested us not to implement the ban but since there has been no change in the conduct of the residents-they continue to let their pets dirty the promenade,  we have decided to go ahead with the ban,” added Dhamane.

Residents and pet owners however are not happy with the civic body’s decision. They feel if it wanted to force people to clean up after their pets, the BMC needed to provide proper disposal system at convenient distances.

“Where is the place in the city to walk your pet?” asked Chandrika Javeri, a resident of Chowpatty who had come with her pet to the promenade on Monday evening. Javeri feels if the BMC wants to enforce the law it should also provide litter bins so that people will not throw wrappers, plastic bags and leftovers on the stretch.

“It is our duty to maintain the beauty and dignity of our city. I collect my dog’s poop in the paper and then put it in the plastic bag. I never get embarrassed doing that because I am doing my bit to keep the city clean,” said Javeri, showing the polythene bag that she was carrying. Javeri has two Labradors, Auric and Asterix and she walks them on Marine Drive twice a day.

Love Till Internity

Another pet owner Kalpana Shroff admitted that her two-year old Labrador Jack often urinated on the promenade, but she did not allow him to defecate. “My dog is quite disciplined with his  other habits. I make sure he defecates at home before leaving for a walk. It’s unfair to launch a complete ban only because of few careless dog owners,” she said.

But Gautam Thadani, a resident of Framroz Court at Marine Drive welcomed the BMC’s decision. “When people do not adhere to rules, authorities are justified in taking such action. I will train my pug, Duke, in some other place, if BMC the were to enforce such a law. When we can spend so much on dogs for their salons and vet fees and treat them as our family members, why should we be ashamed to clean their poop?” Thadani added.

According to the BMC’s cleanliness and sanitation bylaws of 2006, a pet owner has to clean up after their pet or face a fine of Rs 500. The law does not allow animal poop to be thrown into public dustbins. The Clean Up Marshals deployed by the civic body keep vigil on the promenade and fine the pet-owners who violate the regulations. But the four kilometre stretch of Marine Drive is too long a belt to keep a permanent vigil on, said a civic official.


This brought a lot of anger in the Marine Drive Promenade Group.  This was surely written for the love of dogs 🙂

We the resident of marine drive are very surprised that the MMRDA beautification project of Rs.26crore is ruined by “Some leftover dog’s poop by irresponsible owners” but not by “the bursting of crackers & the black burnt mark…s left by them all over the place”.we today even saw d box’s of the crackers being burnt on the sitting area where we all resident sit.
The BMC official have problems lifting d left over poop by “some pet owners” but they are OK with a long path line of leftover crackers, burnt marks of crackers as well as d marks left by the box’s were burnt.Isn’t it surprising ???
According to them banning of dog’s is a step to maintain the beauty.. so why dint they stop the bursting of crackers.Dint they know what side-effects would that create? Dint they know that the black burnt marks would stay for long & be such a misery to look at?
They are all set to punish every pet owners,even who pick up the poop since years,just because of some pet owners who don’t wish to pick it up.
Till I, my family & my friends have seen since the past 2-3years… dog poops are hardly there.. & if they are, they are only in the plant section or under the tree which is hardly even visible for the beautification to get ruined.
Burning marks don’t ruin the Rs.26 crore project but dog’s poop under some tree ruins the whole marine drive ????? isn’t this weird ????
Aren’t there many other important issue to look at regarding irresponsible human being shitting, spitting, urinating, etc etc all over the city ???
Grow Up people… Hats Off to BMC & MMRDA who use their weird logic’s on such things !!!
If you can BAN the dogs at Marine drive… why don’t u provide us with a place where we can take them.
Do you have an answer now BMC Official’s who suggested this ban ??????

After a lot of controversies… finally the Marine Drive resident took a stay-order on BMC ban
Finally the could ease up & take their pets to the place they love…
Marine Drive Sea-Face !!!

But Pets & Owners…..Don’t Forget… Lift The Left-over !!!


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