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Fun With Decoupage !!! February 23, 2010

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Decoupage  is actually an art of  decorating an object by colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects and so on in such a way that it either looks painted or printed most of the times. Something to decoupage onto include’s : furniture, photograph albums, plates, ceramics, shelving, frames, mirrors. And sources one can Decoupage with are : newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, printed clip art, wrapping paper, greeting cards, fabric, tissue paper, lace, photographs etc.

Decoupage is a fun way to play with Sexy-Modgy-Podgy Solution…A solution that can help do Miracle’s within seconds.You dont believe.You got to see to believe it…

This post is all about the Decoupage Class I gave on 12th Feb’10.

It was filled with the best of creation.

An impressive use of Decoupage by my students.

Here is a snapshot of  modifications my students did to Notepads – Handpaper Bags – Plastic Boxes – Tiles – Etc


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